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Beletrina book cover designs / Feb & Dec 2013 & February 2014

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beletrina_Feb & Dec 2013 & Feb 2014Recent book covers for the Beletrina imprint of the Slovene book publisher Beletrina Academic Press.


Beletrina book cover designs / Sep & Oct 2012 & February 2013

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Beletrina book cover designs / September 2012

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Beletrina book cover designs / July 2012

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Beletrina book cover designs / June 2012

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Beletrina book cover designs / March 2012

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Beletrina book cover designs / November 2011

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Book Covers for Beletrina: Private View and Literary Event

Posted in Exhibitions by andrejabrulc on 05/10/2010

A literary event took place at the Dreamspace Gallery in London on 4 October 2010 in conjunction with the exhibition opening of book covers and illustrations by Andreja Brulc. The covers were created since 2007 for Beletrina, a major literary imprint of the Slovene publisher Beletrina Academic Press.

Readings were held by a writer and film director Goran Vojnović, the author of the region’s bestselling novel in 2009, entitled Čefurji Raus! (trans. Southern Scum Go Home), and an essayist and poet Aleš Šteger, the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and scholarships, whose work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. DSC_0066

The project, sponsored by the government of the Republic of Slovenia, presented the publisher’s prolific literary activities for the first time in London through the display of selected book covers showing the unique relationship with their principal designer and illustrator.

For reportage of the exhibition by Matjaž Ambrožič for the RTV Slovenia’s programme on culture, Studio City (Knigga), broadcasted on 11 Oct 2010, click here (starts 39:07).

For more photos click Flicker.

UNESCO Pocket Beletrina / May 2010

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Design and illustration for a series of 10 book covers for Pocket Beletrina, the softback literary imprint of the major Slovene book publisher Beletrina Academic Press. The series was specially created for the World Literatures – Fabula Festival 2010, the central event of Ljubljana’s time as UNESCO World Book Capital 2010. The collection was published in conjunction with the project called A Book for Everybody.

As the overall design needed to appeal to “Everybody”, the brief required the series to be simple but visually attractive to reach a wide readership. Hence the decision was made that the main image should be hand-drawn and silhouetted against the backdrop of an intense and eye-catching colour. The image casts a non-realistic shadow to accommodate handwritten lettering, especially designed for this project. A logo for Pocket Beletrina, in the shape of a trouser pocket, was also devised.

excellent design … from the silhouette on the front cover …
– Jonathan Franzen, a dedication note to The Discomfort Zone, 2010


Beletrina book cover designs / Nov 2009

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