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Day 19 [3 April 2020]: COVID-19 Lockdown: Politics/Arundhati Roy [an extract from the diary]

Posted in Books, Covid-19/Lockdown Diary by andrejabrulc on 03/04/2020

And even while the virus proliferates, who could not be thrilled by the swell of birdsong in cities, peacocks dancing at traffic crossings and the silence in the skies? – Arundhati Roy, Financial Times, 3 April 2020

I find the first three paragraphs in the introduction to the article ‘The Pandemic is a portal’ – a compelling personal thought by the novelist Arundhati Roy on how coronavirus threatens India published today by Financial Times – a total masterpiece of prose writing as very poetic and sublime. I really loved the style of her first novel The God of Small Things (1997), and I have been meaning to read her second The Ministry of Utmost Happiness since the announcement of the book in 2017 after 20 years of gap. There is no place for me to comment on the politics of India on my personal blog, but the first three paragraphs are so universal as humane, as words express exactly what everyone, no matter of religion and political point of view, has been going through right now. The introduction is definitely worth reading as well recommended.

[PS: I thank Financial Times, to make this article ‘free to read’. According to the newspaper’s copyright policy, I am allowed to publish online (my personal blog), “the original FT headline and a link to the article and the first 140 characters of an article (what we call teaser text)”. The quote above is exactly 140 characters – but it is from the third paragraph!]


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