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Illustration: Birthday Party Invite

Posted in Illustrations, Projects by andrejabrulc on 17/10/2014

The illustration below was made for an invite to the 50th Birthday party. The concept for the design was inspired by the party’s venue – The Russet – and its surroundings. The venue – in turn, inspired by the apple orchard planted by the Three Musketeers on Hackney Downs, London – also uses an Egremont Russet, the classic British apple, as its logo. Furthermore, its entrance is made in the shape of an arch resembling the railway arch that leads one through the park to the venue. In the illustration, there are dancing figures under the arch, with the celebrant being thrown into the air while singing along to the tunes of musical notes! The celebrant’s daughter helped me to draw the local map placed into the silhouette of a big Egremont Russet, while a little maggot is shouting a big RSVP.

It’s a masterpiece. I am thrilled beyond words.
– Zosia




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