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New Design for Pocket Beletrina

Posted in Books by andrejabrulc on 29/05/2011

I have recently created new branding for the Pocket Beletrina series published by Beletrina Academic Press. The books are softback editions of hardbacks published under the Beletrina imprint. The new design is similar to the hardbacks in the principle of placing the author and the title on a stripe – however, the softback version has two stripes. The stripe used for the author shows the colour chosen for a particular book and repeats at the back. The colours have been selected from the autumnal colour palette. Unlike the hardbacks, the typography remains the same throughout, and the design is based on a single black-and-white photograph, which repeats as a thumbnail on the back. The softback may be a cheaper version of the hardbacks in terms of production and design costs, but the branding gives a sophisticated, contemporary (and definitely not cheap-looking) message. Here is a display of the 14 covers created so far this year.


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